Paper Crafts: 3 Simple DIY Crafts Your Kids Will Love To Try

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Paper crafts

We all go crazy to try simple and fun paper crafts. Then what about the lil’ ones? Don’t you think they will jump with joy when provided with stationery and craft supplies? They definitely will.

But for this, you need to be mindful of what crafts you are teaching your kids. Because it’s easy for them to get bored or lose interest if they find it confusing.

Here, we have curated three popular and easy paper crafts that your kid can start learning today.

1. Miniature Book

Kids tend to love tiny and handy objects and are curious about them. So we came up with a miniature book idea and here is a guide to make it. Your kid can use these mini books for gifting, pasting stickers, drawing, painting, or writing.

Tools & Materials Required- 

  • Letter size paper
  • Colour paper/Card 
  • Decorative paper 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Elastic band 
  • Pencil 
  • Colour pencil
  • Eraser 
  • Ruler

 Steps to follow while making a miniature book: 

  1. Divide the letter-size sheet into 8 equal pieces and fold them into equal halves.
  2. Cut a decorative piece of paper of the same size, fold it into equal halves and place all the papers together like a book.
  3. Now cut a small strip of paper and add a cover page to your book.
  4. Seal these papers together with a rubber band and paste the strip in the corner to keep it intact.

       Voila! Your miniature book is ready!

2. Paper Envelope

A paper envelope is a simple craft that kids of any age can do. Paper envelopes can be used for gifting which can increase generosity and empathy among the kids. 

Tools & Materials required- 

  • Letter size paper/color paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Blade

Steps to follow while making a paper envelope: 

  1. Fold the sheet into a triangle and cut the excess part.
  2. Now fold it inwardly in unequal triangles and turn the sheet to fold its edges in an outward direction.
  3. Fold the other edges inwards and insert one folded edge into the other.
  4. Next, turn the sheet and cut the lower leaflet and your envelope is ready!

3. Paper Bags

Paper bags are easy-to-make and useful crafts that can imbibe some eco-friendly values in your kids. Children can make mini paper bags, gift paper bags, or daily-use paper bags.

Tools & Materials required- 

  • Brown sheet 
  • Scissors 
  • Plaster 
  • Glue 
  • Ruler 
  • Pencil 

Steps to follow while making a paper bag: 

  1. Take a brown sheet and glue its edges such that it comes in a cylindrical shape.
  2. Flatten the paper and fold one side of the paper as shown in the video to make the bottom part. 
  3. Stick these folds and make paper strips for holding the bag.
  4. Attach these strips to the bag with an adhesive, and you can decorate this bag using any stickers or painting on them.

Hurray!!!! Your paper bag is ready!

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Now, it is not difficult to keep your kids away from screen time. DIYing paper crafts is the best way to keep them happy and engaged, as it releases feel-good hormones and gives them a feeling of accomplishment. 

Recall your childhood memories and the fun you had as a child. You can be part of your kids’ fun time and allow them to try different paper crafts, encouraging them to adopt this hobby. Shop some stationary and craft supplies from Office Depot, Staples, Paper Mart, and BJs, and sit with them.

Let your kids start crafting and enjoy trying these paper crafts!