Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag: Refresh Your Makeup Collection Now

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spring cleaning your makeup bag

As spring arrives, you may be decluttering your home and garden of winter decor and updating it with new spring collections. Don’t forget to apply the same principle to your makeup bag! Just like your living space, your makeup bag also needs a fresh, trendy look for the new season. So, consider revamping your makeup collection by spring cleaning your makeup bag. Your skin will thank you for the pampering, and you’ll be ready to step out in style.

Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Collection

Whether you are looking for concealers to camouflage your dark circles, nail polish to make your hands look pretty, lipstick to add the perfect chic look, or eye shadows to give the shimmering finish, spring is the right time to splurge on your favorites and fill your makeup bag with all the essentials. Start with spring cleaning your current makeup products by following these steps:

1. Clean your Brushes

spring cleaning your makeup brushes

We all love to flaunt our skin and cover the blemishes with foundation and concealer, but we rarely clean the brushes used to apply these products. It’s a well-known fact that makeup brushes accumulate bacteria over time, which can lead to skin irritation. To maintain flawless skin, it’s essential to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week or every two weeks at the very least. So, start spring cleaning your makeup with makeup brushes. 

To effectively clean your brushes, immerse them in hot water and gently rub them against soap, shampoo, or brush cleanser. After cleaning, rinse your brushes thoroughly to remove any remaining water and makeup residues. It’s important to dry them properly by hanging them upside down to prevent water from accumulating in the handle. Repeat this process for all of your brushes, and let’s not forget the beauty blenders.

It’s also important to replace your brushes and beauty blenders after a certain amount of time since they are being used often.

2. Declutter your Makeup Collection

Simplify your makeup collection by decluttering! Eliminate any unused makeup products by throwing them away. This will create more space and allow you to reassess what you already have and what new items you may want to consider buying. Decluttering can be tough, but there’s a simple rule to follow. Get rid of the expired products, items you’re not using, and duplicates you may have. This will help you streamline your collection and make it easier to find the products you love.

i. Discard the Expired Products

spring cleaning your makeup

First, throw away all the expired products. It will clear half of your products from your bag and give space to new add-ons. If your makeup products show color change, texture, or smell, note that it’s time to purge them and get new ones. While they might not expire, they will not give you the desired looks. You don’t want an uneven tone on your face when you apply crumbled or dry foundation, right? Here are the guidelines you need to follow to swap your makeup:

  • Replace mascara & liquid eyeliner every three months.
  • Swap your liquid products like concealer and foundation every 3-6 months
  • Your lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm, stick concealer, and powder should be replaced yearly.
  • Pencil eyeliners, powder eye shadows, dry powder, and makeup brushes can last up to 2 years. 

ii. Separate Used & Unused Products

spring cleaning your makeup

Now is the time to part with those unused items that have been sitting in the corner of your makeup bag. We know it can be tough, but it’s important to acknowledge that if you haven’t used them in months, you probably won’t use them anytime soon.

Alternatively, if the product has not been opened and used, you can give them as a gift to friends or family members who may enjoy them.

iii. Declutter Duplicate Products

spring cleaning your makeup

The final step is to eliminate any duplicates. We all have at least one makeup product that we tend to purchase repeatedly, even when we already have it in our collection. Holding onto unused duplicates only adds clutter to our makeup bags and can lead to buyer’s remorse. It’s better to lend them to someone who will use them instead of us keeping the product to expire.

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Tips to Maintain Your Makeup Collection

spring cleaning your makeup collection
  • Unload your makeup collection from your makeup bag and get rid of those products that aren’t in use. Looking for the expiry date is handy to know when to get rid of your makeup.
  • Sort your makeup products like makeup brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, highlighters, and blushes, and designate them in a dedicated space in your makeup bag, organizers, or cupboards. This helps you access your products quickly.
  • Wipe off the makeup residues on the outer surfaces of the containers and organize your makeup products in their designated sections.
  • Clean your makeup sponges, beauty blenders, and brushes. Replace them if they aren’t serving the purpose.
  • Clean your makeup bag or wipe it with wet tissues to give it a fresh look. If it’s a cloth bag, wash it inside out, or toss it in the washing machine and dry it under the sun. 
  • Always store your makeup in cool & dry places to improve its shelf life and prevent bacterial buildup.
  • Invest in high-quality makeup products to increase their shelf-life and enjoy better performance.
  • Swap out the winter colors and add the summer shades. Bid bye to winter creams and welcome light, water-based moisturizers. Also, remember to add sunscreen to your routine.
  • Do not share your makeup with your friends or family that’s in use. If you wish to share it, make sure to use disposable applicators or clean the tools before and after use to prevent the spread of bacteria or infections.
  • If needed, restock your makeup essentials to have a fresh collection and get discounts, coupons, and cashback through Smarty.

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Whether you are embarrassed by your dirty makeup bag or the clutter it has within it, a new season definitely marks the time to clean your makeup. Spring cleaning your makeup is fun and easy and helps you deal with the mess when you run out of time. So unpack your makeup bag, jump to clean it now, and have an excellent time spring cleaning your makeup bag.